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Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate can be one of the most lucrative and Safest Investments available. While no investment comes without risk, there are several characteristics that helps to reduce the risk in Real Property Vs. Other types of investments.

  • Tangible – Owning a physical structure and the land it is on means the Value can never go to Zero
  • Insurable – Interest can be insured against loss or damage
  • Leverageable – A small investment can control a large amount of money
  • Monthly Income – Rental Investments can create a monthly income stream
  • Compounded Value – As the renters of the property pay down the mortgage the property will (in most cases) increase in value which quickly generates and increases equity positions.
  • Low Volatility – Financial Markets have less impact on real estate as interest rates tend to move slowly, along with the ability to lock in rates and the fact that rents generally stay fairly constant and increase over time which reduces volatility.
  • Improvements – Property owners can make improvements to their properties which can increase value and rents.
  • Protection from Inflation – Property ownership can provide a natural hedge from inflation. Rents will typically increase along with inflation rates.
  • Depreciation – IRS allows an investment property to be depreciated over 27.5 years which can provide some significant tax benefits.

New Construction and Rehab Investing

Our track record demonstrates a history of Double Digits Returns on cash invested (depending on deal structure) and our new construction projects typically close out in a matter of Months vs. a matter of Years.

For anyone looking for short term gains with limited risk these projects are a GREAT ANSWER!

Looking for long term growth properties? We have those as well!

Each opportunity is unique thus we can usually offer a project that is suitable to just about anybody’s investment appetite and risk exposure.

Contact Us Today to discuss your investment goals and let’s find the perfect fit for your situation!