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3 Options to Accommodate any Seller

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Home Sellers can List their property FREE on our website which attracts 1000’s of visitors each and every day.

Seller can upload their photos, insert all relevant information, specifications and comments. While it is not listed on the MLS these sellers enjoy all the traffic generated from our website at no charge.

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Together we will customize a marketing plan that suits your needs and goals, then formulate a plan to buy your home if we don’t get it SOLD quickly, GUARANTEED!

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Save Thousand With Our Flat Fee Option

The next option is our Flat Fee Option to understand this option lets 1st explain the typical real estate transition commissions and Commission Splits. In a majority of transactions today there is a Listing Agent and a Selling agent. The listing agent is who the seller engages to market and ultimately sell their home and thus charges a commission to the seller The listing agent will then offer a portion of that commission to any selling agent that brings in the buyer, usually half of what the listing agent is receiving as commission.

Let’s use some easy numbers to illustrate.

$300,000 Home Sale
Listing agent charges a 6% commission to the Sellers -> $18,000 Total Commission to Seller
Listing agent offers 3% to the Buyers Agent -> $9.000 To Buyers Agent
And retain 3% for themselves -> $9,000 To Listing Agent

Under our program:

If your home is under $170,000 in value your Listing side of the commission is ONLY $500, Over $170,000 it’s ONLY $1000.00

So let’s take a look at the same numbers under our program

$300,000 Home Sale
Listing agent charges a Flat fee of $1,000 and 2.5% commission to the Sellers -> $8,500 Total Commission
Listing agent offers 2.5% to the Buyer’s Agent -> $7,500 To Buyers Agent
And get $1,000 for the Listing -> $1,000 To Listing Agent



What do you give up for this cost savings? VERY LITTLE!

  • You will arrange your own showings
  • Hold your own Open Houses
  • Handle your own negotiations, paperwork and agreements.

What’s Included:

  • Full MLS Listing
  • Full Feature on our Website Complete with 360 degree interactive photos and video tours (show web site)
      The BEST Advertising and Marketing Available

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Classified Advertising Marketing
    • Listings on HUNDREDS of Real Estate Websites

The more exposure and interest generated on your home ultimately mean’s more potential buyers for your home. That means a healthier bottom line!

Our Premier Option (Full Service PLUS):

  • 5% Total Commission
  • Everything included in our flat fee offering
  • We handle all your 185 steps mentioned earlier
  • Professional Negotiation
  • Everything needed to ensure a smooth and easy closing
  • Transaction Management
  • Referral and Relocation Services

Benefits Of Professional Negotiations:

  • More than 30 Years’ Experience
  • All the tools to show market conditions and all facts favorable to negotiating the best deal on your behalf.
  • Extensive number of successfully completed transactions.
  • An overall increased bottom line!