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Difference between Sale by Owner and Realtor®

The concept of sale of home “by owner” has gained momentum over the period. The owners have eye for detail and implement marketing strategies in the best possible manner. Not only they have good understanding of contracts but they showcase their property in the best possible manner. The majority of sellers believe that selling through a real estate agent is not a good option and they might end up in selling for less than market value.

However, Florida Realtor® is a trusted name in this aspect and there are several advantages in listing your proposed home with a Realtor®. There is no denial in selling a home by the owner but it is important that this aspect is seen from different angles. Below are the advantages of selling by owner –

  • No real estate commission is paid.
  • All aspects are taken care by the seller itself. (Some believe it to be disadvantage).
  • Possibility of getting less mark up value but receiving higher proceeds after sale.

Comparison would be more justified when below list of factors are taken into aspect as well. The points below would be instrumental in changing mindset of sellers who go with the concept of ‘by owner’.

  • The Realtor® is responsible for planning marketing strategies.
  • The market analysis is done by the Realtor® in such a manner that it helps in determining the asking price.
  • The realtor® lists property in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtor.com which helps in ensuring land catches eyes of millions and potential buyers are attracted to it. It helps in ensuring that the prospective buyers are able to see the property on sale easily.
  • Realtors® slice it even easier for their customers by screening those customers who are able to qualify for mortgage. The interested prospects come into further negotiations.
  • All coordination is done by Realtors® to showcase your home to potential buyers.
  • The Realtors® ensure best possible purchase offer from buyers and counter offers to buyers are provided.
  • The home inspections, appraisal and entitlement to attorney are assisted by Realtors®.

The complex real estate market requires skilled professionals, who are aware each and every aspect of the field. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is key to success and its proven track record has ensured that 80% of homes are sold through MLS.

Hidden Cost involved in selling a home

The Florida real estate is a big market and it is important to learn each aspect. There are many hiccups involved while individuals trying to sell their respective homes. It is important an individual should become aware of the things well in hand –

  • The potential buyers offer way too less because you are saving commission involved by selling your property on your own.
  • The cost involved in advertising, marketing and legal services is borne by the Realtor. These activities not only help in attracting customers but it acts as a support system for sellers.
  • It might be possible that seller has undervalued his property and there is good loss of money.
  • The realtors ensure least inconvenience to the sellers.

After going through above points, one can see the importance of using a real estate professional in Florida. The Realtors® are professional real estate agents, who provide expert services to help ensure a seamless and successful home sale. We would love to talk to you about your real estate needs. Call, text, email or complete form below and we will respond to your inquiry at our soonest opportunity.

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